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The Ultimate Reality !!!

Is there anything that we can call as ultimate reality? How can we define this? Is it possible to realize it?

These are questions come to my mind often, being sincere I didn’t get a proper answer for this. Many philosophical and spiritual leaders say there is something called ultimate reality or truth. I believe it, as every belief is blind I blindly believe it. But how can we really know the ultimate reality. I asked one senior by age spiritual personality about this, his answer was even though he devoted whole life for this, he couldn’t attain it. He just saw the sparks or glimpse of the truth. I really don’t know how it is.

If we think the world we see is real, I doubt it. As matrix movie says it is just few chemical changes in our brain. If our brain reactions are changed a little the universe doesn’t have this shape. Since human being is seeing and experiencing this world in same way, we say it is real. We just believe and a dream. In a dream we see the objects and feel the same as our world but it is not real. Why can’t we say that we all are in one dream? Very few are really woken up; they realized the reality, the ultimate reality. I heard a speech about Swami Vivekananda, during one of his speech; one lady stopped him and told that he is hypnotizing the whole audience. Swamiji replied that they all are already hypnotized by this world and he is trying to de-hypnotizing them. Yes according to him we all are hypnotized.

How are we hypnotized? Indian philosophy says it is our ignorance. We are ignorant, we doesn’t know who really we are. This confuses us. We know who we are. I have a name and body. People are calling me the name. Then what is special in thinking who am I? Here the question arises is this body is I? No. It is my body not me. Then who am I? This question created many school of thoughts in Indian philosophy. Some of them are saying Prana or Jeeva is I, some are saying athma is this I. They called another name bhrahma for atma. And they realized that we are not just body or mind. We are atma or bhrahma. So in that case everybody is bhrahma and everything is bhrahma. By realizing this they could see whole universe as one. Nobody is good or bad, big or small all are one in this reality. This we can call as ultimate reality.

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